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Project details:

  • Date:

     May 24, 2015

  • Client:

     new single storey house in Drouin

  • Task:

     Site area -501 m2, area of building -235.66 m2. Project completed in 4 months

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Project features

  • 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • single level brick veneer house
  • 6*energy rated
  • BRADNAMS aluminium windows
  • porcelain wall and floor tiles
  • BRIVIS ducted heating & refrigerative cooling
  • 2000L Slimline Polyethylene Water Tank
  • light coloured roof
  • masterbedroom w/ensuite, silk wallpaper feature wall

Single Story House general viewSingle Storey House Lounge Single Storey Home bathroom


On this project, we used EARTHWOOL insulation batts R4.0 for the ceiling, R2.5 for the internal walls, and Silversark for the external walls. We minimised holes in the ceiling (yes, avoiding downlights), ensuring all external doors and windows were draft proofed. The building’s thermal integrity was thereby protected. You’ll be surprised how much it contributes to a comfortable home.


Most of us know better than to wear black on a hot day, but when it comes to the roofs on our houses, the temperature often takes a back seat to aesthetics. Dark roofs mean higher air conditioning bills, and higher carbon dioxide emissions as a result. With a Light Coloured roof, you will save money and help protect the planet. You can actually reduce energy use by about 20% in hot, sunny weather.


This house has got wet areas placed together. This not only saves on pipe runs, but it is much more efficient for hot water which can get to the tap at the right temperature faster, reducing waste. We installed a 2000L rainwater tank, suitable for the laundry and toilet, which will save water and money. Given that the price of water is tipped to increase up to 300% in the near future, it is a great way to get a head start on keeping water costs under control.